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Middle Reef

Middle Reef is quite a large reef of circular shaped. The size of this reef makes its ideal for more than one dive as it can be done in many different ways:

To the northeast is a deep sloping drop off with some excellent hard coral growth and large gorgonian sea fans, as well as whip corals. The northeast drop off is best dived from a zodiac which can put you as far north as possible where you can follow the wall back with the reef on your right shoulder. As you approach the southeast side of the reef, the coral covered plateau comes up to meet you and the main reef splits into numerous small pieces with all manner of stony, boulder, brain and table corals. Pufferfish, grouper and octopus are rife in this area. A fabulous coral labyrinth!

The southwest side also has a deeper drop off and coral garden with some excellent hard coral growth and large gorgonian sea fans and soft coral. At the end of the dive, you can follow the wall about 6-7 meters deep where there are sandy channels which lead into the reef itself in numerous places. These form small caves or channels which weave their way into the reef and can be explored with care, although they do not join up so you’ll need to exit the same way you enter.