Would you like to join us and discover many underwater treasures ?

Every day, from February to December, it is always possible to dive in the Red Sea – of course with the appropriate gear! We organise day trips from Safaga, where you will be able to perform 2 dives (or 3 with a night dive), while enjoying life on board of our boat Compass.



Meeting at 8:00 am at Safaga marina. It will only take 2 to 3 minutes from the Lagoonie Lodge Beach.

Your dive gear and tanks will be waiting already on the boat, our dive-guide welcomes you on board and you are ready to go! According to weather conditions, the coast-guard permissions, and the level of training of the divers on board, the destination and dive sites are planned for the day, and the boat leaves the marina… You have time to get familiar with your gear before the dive, have a cup of tea or coffee, meet with the rest of the divers, or just enjoy the sun, lulled by the waves.


First dive

Right before you arrive on the dive site, it’s time for the briefing. In a friendly atmosphere, your dive-guide will explain to you how the first dive is scheduled, with indications on depths, currents, the underwater life, the best itinerary to follow, as well as safety rules, how you will get in and out of the water… There is normally no time-limit for a dive, but you have to follow the safety rules: do not do any deco dive, do not go deeper than 40 meters (or less, according to your certification) and always have a minimum of 50 bars in your tank when you are back on the boat!

Once you’re out of the water, the boat staff is here to help you getting on the ladder, and getting off your dive gear right on the dive platform. Our chief on board will ask you your dive parameters and you can get your gear ready for the 2nd dive, getting yourself dry under the warm sun, or share your experiences with the other divers.



Everybody are on board? Lunch is waiting for you… Come inside and help yourself with the buffet that our own chef has prepared, always in a friendly atmosphere…



Take advantage of your dive interval to rest, meet the other guests, read, work on your tan, take a nap, either in the shades of the boat or under the warm Egyptian sun.

Usually the boat will move and you will change the dive site, it is the time for your second dive… Your dive-guide will do another briefing customized for this new dive site, with a quick check up on safety guidelines – and off you go, you’re back underwater!

You are back on board and same as in the morning, the staff is ready to help and store your gear. If you’re diving again the next day, you can leave all your gear in a box, and it will be waiting for you in the morning.

It is the time for a quick snack, and depending on the day and the mood of our chef, he will prepare some pancackes, a cake, a fruit-cocktail…

When you are back in the marina, around 16:30 – 17:00, the minibus is waiting for you to drive you back to the dive center or directly to your hotel.


Night dive

Depending on the day and the requests, a night-dive can be planned… You will stay on the boat, and you will dive under the Egyptian stars. After a night dive, you are back to your hotel around 19:00 – 19:30.