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Panorama Reef

Panorama is one of the largest single reefs of Safaga and gets its name from the panoramic underwater views from its plateaus and vertical walls. More than one dive here is essential to make the most of what this site has to offer.

Northern side: the northern end is usually dived in calmer conditions and again there is a plateau which slopes down to around 30m before dropping vertically to 84m and then away into the depths. The northern plateau probably offers a better chance of sharks or turtles and often a school of barracuda hang slightly off the northern tip of the plateau and over the vertical wall. At the end of the dive, you may be pleased to meet the housekeeper of the reef: a Napoleon wrasse of respectable size and very curious who likes to observe divers…

Southern side: boats normally moor on the southern end where divers can make an “out and back” dive heading around to the northeast or northwest. As you head around from the south to the east side, there is a sloping plateau between 20 and 30 meters. Around 30 meters deep, you will not be able to miss this beautiful bunch of giant sea fans with its swarm of glass fish and swallowtail seaperch. Be sure to keep a watchful eye out because anything is possible at this diving site! Until the return to the boat, sharp eyes could very well unearth some stone fish. If you miss them; however, you can comfort yourself by watching the famous clown fish nursery in Anemone City