Southern Pearls

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Southern Pearls

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This safari provides you with some of the best diving in the Red Sea offering challenging dives, big drop offs, beautiful coral walls and plenty of large fishes. An amazing program!


In short

  • Wild side of the South Red Sea
  • Dizzying and colorful drop offs
  • Underwater landscapes diversity
  • Sharks and pelagic sea life
  • Strong currents possible…
6 days
Level 2 and 50 dives+ Age
Deadalus Reef
Daedalus Reef is a huge reef located about 180 km south of Brother Islands. The reef is surrounded by a sheer wall all around, featuring a plateau in its southern side that goes from 28 m beside the reef to 40 m on the edge of the drop-off. If the weather is good, try to get as far north as possible and drift along one of the sides of the reef. Oceanic White Tip Sharks and Hammerhead are often spotted here and for lucky divers, maybe a Manta Ray
Rocky Island
Rocky Island is a mythical site that represents the diver’s dream. The fringing reef that circles the entire perimeter of the island drops steeply to an astonishing depth and the constant currents that flow all along the year favor the growth of all different kinds of life in a continuous struggle for a place on the reef. The walls are absolutely covered with the most beautiful soft corals ever found, as well as gorgonians fans, sponges and black coral trees.
Zabargad Island
Zabargad Island is one of Red Sea Islands within a natural preserve known as Elba National Park. It is an island rich with natural rocks formation, Sea marine life, corals and breeding birds; at least nine species of birds are known to breed there. Octopuses, Crocodile Fish, and Eel Fish to name a few are present near its shore. It is still a virgin island rich with various gifts of nature; an excellent place for diving and bird watching, let alone catching the vibes of both the rocks and the sea. The walls are covered in soft corals and huge gorgonians which float and wave in the current. It is possible to sight many species of Sharks here as well as Sailfish, Dolphins and Manta Rays.
St-John’s Reef
Located on the Tropic of Cancer, this chain of reefs is the furthest South you will get! All its dive sites are very close to each other which means that you can easily move from one place to another. It therefore adds a lot of variety to your dives: drop-offs, tunnels and stunning hard-coral formations.
Elphinstone Reef
A Red Sea legend. One of the most beautiful reefs, with its north and south plateau’s covered in hard and soft corals and visiting pelagic, this truly is an awesome reef. Fan coral forests, overhangs, hard and soft corals in a variety of astonishing colors… and of course there are plenty of fish! With regular sightings of Hammerheads, Thresher Sharks, Grey Sharks and White Tip Reef Sharks, at the right time of year.
Keep in mind
All dives sites are subject to weather conditions and Egyptian authorities. The final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the captain and dive guides. But don’t worry, our top priority will always be to bring you the greatest satisfaction.

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Individual: 1300€ per person
Group (10 people) : 1200€/person
Private boat: 23 000€
Including :
  • transfer to and from the airport
  • full board on board, unlimited drinks (water, tea, coffee, soda)
  • 12 litre aluminium bottle + weights (without belt)
  • nitrox 29-32% (with certification)
Not included to be paid on site, per person:
  • flights and visa
  • kindly recommended crew tip: 70 euros / person
  • rental: regulator (30 euros), Stab/suit/regulator/PMT (75 euros)
  • bottle rental 15 litres: 40 euros / week
  • government taxes: 50 euros / person (subject to modification by Egyptian authorities)
General conditions:
  • Reservation with 25% of the amount, balance at the latest 1 month before departure date
  • Rates subject to modification (inflation / fuel increase)
  • 14% VAT included